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NCAP is a British financial services company, headquartered in London and with a rapidly expanding branch office network across the globe.

We believe that active management is the key to the success of any investment portfolio and as such, we have developed a market leading research team headed by some of the brightest minds in banking and insurance. Our relationships with the world’s largest Investment Banks and Insurance Companies give us the ability to negotiate preferential terms for our clients and we are proud to be able to deliver world class research capabilities to retail investors, giving everyone the chance to participate in the investment themes and upward market trends of the moment.


NCAP offers an independent advisory service which is focused on client retention and portfolio growth. We are not driven by marketing new products or selling policies, instead we actively seek to help investors who have existing products and would like to have active management from a UK research team. You can be confident that our research team is monitoring your portfolio daily and we will actively contact you to recommend changes as and when we feel necessary. You will have local contact through the client services staff in our branch offices closest to you who will always be on hand to assist you.

We believe in building long term relationships with our clients and as such, we do not charge up front fees for our services. NCAP only generates revenue from sharing performance fees over the long term, meaning that we only make money if our clients make money. It is this strategy that builds long term trust with our clients and ensures that our focus is on actively managing our clients portfolios. We operate a completely independent, whole of market approach and we work with banks and insurance companies all over the globe. This means that whatever your requirements may be, NCAP can find or build a solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Our unique approach to financial services and commitment to client satisfaction has helped us grow rapidly from our base in London. We have offices across the Middle East and Asia and we are embarking on a new phase of expansion throughout Europe in 2016/2017. We believe that once you have worked with us once, you will not only continue to value our service but you will also recommend us to your friends and colleagues.