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Our Real Estate Team is specialized in prime central London residential property. We advise Real Estate Investment Funds and offer a turnkey sourcing, design and development solution.

We aim to achieve capital growth by advising on investing directly and indirectly in prime central London real estate in the most sought after postcodes.

Our strategy is to advise in the following areas: Mayfair, Kensington & Chelsea, Notting Hill, Westminster, Marylebone and Holland Park.

Property is acquired when the purchase price is at a discount to the prevailing vacant possession value. Value is added through refurbishment, remodeling, adding area or increasing the lease tenure.

Investors have access to:

  • An asset class where individual investment participation would require a minimum of £1million
  • Experienced prime Central London property advisers with a credible track record
  • An advisory team that invests their own money in the Fund
  • Off market property transactions
  • Financing in a constrained lending environment
  • Superior execution
  • Flexible investment participation

Resulting in:

  • Low risk Capital appreciation through an investment in ‘bricks and mortar’
  • Above average return when compared to other asset classes
  • An investment strategy where the interests of the Investor and the Investment Advisor are aligned